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Sexiest Emu Alive

I got a call from a cousin who migrates south, by foot mind you, he hates flying as much as I do but I was sad and looking for a few extra bucks, having overspent on milk, I keep knocking my glass over is not easy to grab with the wings and I need to pour another glass and so I go through milk and laundry money from washing towels quick. he said Emuo! He said, I think he might be part tyrannosaur because he has cahrisma. He said Emuo it is beautiful when you read poemz and you cry come south they will pay you a hundred bags of mealworms.

A hundred bags of mealworms! one full month's supply of meals! I got on my bike and rode south with my musics in my headphones and got stuck in snow two times something my beek made short work of. I got a ticket in the mouhtains for biking without chainz but I was sad and the police said there there and tore up the ticket and made me promise it won't happen again. I dont' need your pity policeman. Thinking of how much I am pitited makes me depressed. And then my bike got so froze I could not beek it loose and had to leave it to make my deadline of getting there. Is a shame I had to leave my bike behind but I'm a runner and I ran south and made it in time for earning pay.

Speicific details of job top seekret but make emu happy and terrified and sad at the same time. emu hates things that fly so is like poetry what I got to do.

Emu's picture taken is 2:08.

But now I have a lot of worms and no bike it's buried in snow I forgot where, but it had a basket I could have maybe carried fourteen of them at once to carry them home, About seven trips plus snacks. Thinking maybe I carry them in one trip but not feeling so good right now in my tummy.
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